Whether it’s for a merger of two companies, a long overdue refresh, or a wholesale rebrand to signal a change of strategy, there’s much more than your logo to think about when it comes to implementing a rebrand. Here are four things you should think about:


A clear brand positioning is the secret of success

Don’t jump straight into logos and colours. First establish how your brand will be positioned using insight from research.

Your chosen positioning must be aligned with your business strategy and backed up with client and employee insight. It should differentiate you from your competitors, appear credible in the eyes of your clients, and be actionable by your employees.

Once you have a positioning that meets these criteria, the rest becomes easier. Your design agency will be able to translate it into the creative execution of your logo, branding and messaging across different marketing applications.


A good plan conquers all

There’s usually more to do than you think, so create a full project plan early on to help understand the scale of what needs to be done and the resources you’ll need.

Make a rough budget estimate for each item as the total for significant items will determine whether you go for the big bang on day one or a more subtle phased approach.

And most importantly, set a launch date and stick to it. Some brand projects drag on for years and lose their impact because everyone in the company is bored of it by the time it’s trickled out onto the market.


An engaged employee is usually a happy one

In professional services organisations ‘your people are your brand’ so put as much time and effort into engaging employees as you do on that fancy brochure or advertising campaign.

Involve your people early in the process. Take them on the journey with you so that when the time for change comes they’re right behind it and feel they have played their part in your brand’s development.

There are many tools and techniques you can use for brand engagement but a good place to start is by segmenting your internal audiences and working out the key messages and activities that are most likely to engage each group.


The end is just the beginning

If you’re going to the expense of a rebrand then it is important to realise that launch day is ‘day one’ and that the real work starts here.

If you’re on the board or work in marketing you’ll most probably be sick of the sight of your new brand by now! But get used to it because this is the beginning, not the end, of the journey.

You need to work out how you’re going to build your brand with your target audiences, encourage employees to live it, and how you will measure success.

And remember, in relation to your brand key message, when it feels like you’ve seen it a hundred times, your potential client’s probably just noticing it. So stick to your positioning guns and don’t be tempted to chop and change as the mood takes you.


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