Are you working from home or living at work?

The prospect of working from home over the winter months and the reimposition of social restrictions brings the importance of mental and physical wellbeing back into the spotlight. Many teams are working with reduced staff and reduced budgets. For some, twelve-hour days looking at a screen are common. For others there is genuine anxiety about their jobs and financial security.

Dr Judith Mohring is an expert in lifestyle psychiatry and during this session she shares simple evidence-based life ‘hacks’ to make home working during winter, healthier, happier and more productive.


Dr Judith Mohring

Consultant Psychiatrist

Marc McConnell

Director, Straction

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Speaker Bio

Dr Judith Mohring

Judith Mohring (MBBS MA Cantab MRCPsych) is a founding partner of the Integrated Practice 127 Harley St. Prior to this she was lead clinician at the Priory Wellbeing centre in the City of London. Her mental health experience spans a 20 year career in the NHS, secure services and primary care. She set up an award-winning service for women who self-harm in Holloway Prison, was briefly an organisational change consultant and trained as an executive coach to deliver career development to other doctors. She is trained in adult and rehabilitation psychiatry and several therapeutic methods.

Her passion is communicating ideas about the mind in a clear and accessible way to increase understanding of mental wellbeing. She trained in group coaching and facilitation in 2009 and has delivered over 50 workshops, seminars and webinars to groups as diverse as prisoners and CEOs. She graduated from the Universities of London and Cambridge and was a Gold Medal candidate in her final exams. She is a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, American Psychiatric Association and the Mental Health Tribunal.