The Covid-19 public health crisis and its impact on the economy has left most businesses with some difficult choices to make. While many of the challenges are common, every organisation has its own unique situation to factor into decisions about what to do next and when.

To help businesses and individuals work out what strategies and actions are best for them, Straction in association with the Property Marketing Awards are running the Fit for the Future webinar series.

Our expert speakers and panellists regularly debate marketing, business development, and wellbeing topics to assist organisations to make smart choices about how to get themselves future fit for the next normal.


Working from home or living at work? 

How can you make home working during winter, healthier, happier and more productive?

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Cut through content 

How can brands cut through the noise with their content?

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Marketing on a shoestring

How can companies deliver marketing ROI with limited budgets?

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Building brand resilience

What are the best strategies to ensure your brand is well positioned for a post Covid-19 marketplace?

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Smarter digital marketing

What do digital marketing trends indicate businesses should do now to prepare for recovery in their sector?

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Marketing strategy for a brave new world

What marketing strategies should businesses consider to get themselves fit for the next normal?

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